Storyteller Gamification

Storyteller Gamification

Hande is a successful employee of the corporation. She has a keen interest in education. Classroom trainings, webinars, digital trainings… She gets a different pleasure from all of them. She has a restlessness. The contents of the trainings she attended sometimes do not appeal to her, do not match her needs, but she must attend compulsory. The educational contents are prepared according to the general, there is almost nothing special. Hande and many of her friends suffer from this condition.

Her company is rolling up the sleeves to create a learning environment according to the needs of the company. It pays more attention to pre-training needs analysis and adds a new one to its methods by doing it online in a gamification way.  They use a platform for this.: Çevirbil. While the participants have fun with the gamification elements, they also provide data to their company. Thus, the company collects data. They begin to process them in detail with "advanced reports".

The needs are evident now. The company structures its training according to these needs. Everything is great.

The institution starts to measure whether the training prepared is useful or not, and the "knowledge" change in employees with pre-training and post-training tests, again using this platform.

It's not over, at certain times, in-house competitions are held using gamification elements, only within 2-3 minutes . There is a constant excitement and competition within the company now. The platform is also very easy to use and integrated with corporate LMS.

The results of these competitions are again evaluated with detailed analysis modules. The employees are very satisfied, they now have a personalized learning experience. Everything is perfect.

There is only one case. If Hande does not repeat what she learned, she tends to forget it over time, like all other human beings. There is no escape from this anyway. Ebbinghaus says you will forget about 60% of what you learned at the end of the 1st day and 75% at the end of the 6th day. It should be noted that there is a huge difference between constantly repeating the information once and "repeating" at certain intervals, the second is important. 

The company is rolling up its sleeves again. Needs analysis results, pre-post test comparisons and data obtained from competitions… It begins to process again taxonomically at the level of “remembering” and “understanding”, to ensure that this information is placed in long-term memory so that it is not “forgotten”. The need for learning has changed, the company is now using a new platform: Hatırlat.

You know, Ebbinghaus, repeat it periodically... Now it is not possible for Hande to forget information. Because the application that she uses sends her a notification as soon as she starts to forget the exact information, she starts the application and earns points, now gamification has started. In addition, she continues to reinforce her knowledge in the competitive environment with her friends. Of course, this much effort is not left without a reward by the company. The highest score area awaits surprise rewards.

The company again analyzes all data through the "Remind" application, and as a result of the analysis, makes improvements in training content where necessary.

Hande and company employees are very happy. They keep learning while having fun. The applications are also very simple to use.

The company is very keen on using different tools for different learning needs, isn't that what it should be? By establishing a meaningful learning strategy, the company monitors measurement evaluations in certain periods with “Çevirbil”, compares it with “Hatırlar” data, improves training processes with “recall” and “understanding” data, and also provides data for “skill”-oriented trainings.  

In addition, the company is able to use these platforms in a way to get printouts within minutes without needing any technical knowledge.

So what happens in the end? The company is starting its preparations to run from award to award in the international arena with this assessment and evaluation approach.

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